GLP Wellbeing 


I was introduced to Homeopathy as a young child and have been using it ever since.  When my daughter was born I decided to study to become a Homeopath with the Welsh School of Homeopathy and 5 1/2 years later I qualified as a Registered Homeopath.  

Whilst my previous career was as a Commissioned Officer in the British  Army (yes, I was an Army Officer!) was extremely fulfilling and rewarding, the direction that my life has taken since my daughter was born has led me to helping and healing others, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  I feel it is an absolute privilege and honour when people come to me for help, whether it be for a sprained ankle, mental health issues, chronic illness, or for help during pregnancy and labour (and thereafter being involved in the wellbeing of their children).  

Dedicated to promoting Health and Wellness, as soon as I was introduced to the Forever Living products I have been using them on my entire family and wanted to promote them to friends, family and beyond.  These products work in harmony with Homeopathy and the range of skincare, nutrition, sports and personal care products are astounding.